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Project Description

MRDS (Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio) Services for HiTechnic provides additional services for HiTechnic sensors and controllers for the LEGO NXT that are not included in the RDS package itself.

Available Services

HiTechnic sensors and controllers are designed to interface with the LEGO NXT Brick. The sensors are manufactured under a license from LEGO. The controllers are designed to be used with TETRIX components and are manufactured for Lego Education.

Two separate packages are available for download as ZIP files - Sensors and Controllers. The services are provided only as source code and must be compiled before use. This requries Visual Studio C# (any Edition from 2008 or later).

The following services for HiTechnic sensors are included in the HiTechnicSensors package:
The following services for HiTechnic (TETRIX) Controllers are available in the HiTechnicControllers package:
NOTE: You cannot purchase the TETRIX controllers from the HiTechnic web site. You must buy them from the Lego Education web site.

Further Developments

Additional sensors might be added to this project over time. There are still several HiTechnic sensors that are not included. If there are any particular sensors that you would like to see supported, please let us know.

Services for the HiTechnic Servo and DC Motor Controllers are currently in Beta. However, they present some unique challenges because they do not fit the LEGO NXT architecture defined for RDS. (You can daisy-chain up to 4 controllers on a single sensor port, but the RDS architecture only supports a single device on a port because daisy-chaining was not possible with any of the original sensors). The current versions of these services have some limitations. Refer to the respective documentation pages for more information.

If you would like to assist with this project, please contact Trevor Taylor. (See the People page). Because of the complexity of the task, you should be prepared to offer some proof of your skills with RDS. This is not intended to discourage people from contributing, but novices might find it hard to create new services.


This is an independent software project. It is not affiliated with or supported by Microsoft or HiTechnic. No connection with Microsoft or HiTechnic is implied. The name Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (abbreviated here to RDS) is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. HiTechnic is a vendor of sensors and controllers for the LEGO NXT.

The RDS services in this project are intended for educational purposes only and should not be used for commercial packages because their reliability is not guaranteed. No warranty is expressed or implied.


Thanks to HiTechnic for the technical details for programming their sensors.

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