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IR Seeker V2

The HiTechnic Infrared Seeker V2 is an I2C (Digital) sensor for the LEGO NXT that can be used to determine the direction to a source of infrared signals.

You can view the output of the IR Seeker service using a web browser as shown in the following diagram:

Click for larger image

Notice at the bottom of the diagram that there are 9 different directions that can be detected, and direction 7 is highlighted. If the IRSeeker cannot find a source of infrared it returns a value of zero (0).

The sensor can operate in either Modulated (AC) or Unmodulated (DC) modes. However, regardless of the mode selected it still detects signals in both modes.

It is optimized for AC signals at 1200 Hz and works well with the HiTechnic IR Ball that is designed for robot soccer.


Normal incandescent light bulbs are a source of infrared (which is a form of heat). You might find that the sensor is sensitive to light bulbs in the DC range. This can be useful if you want to use it as a light detector, but it is a nuisance if you are trying to detect another IR source.

See the general note on Polling.

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taderater Mar 5, 2010 at 10:38 PM 
Thank you very much for all your effort. I've been trying to create a service with little to no success.
I do have one problem with the VPL program though. Which manifest are you addressing to replace? The existing irseeker.Manifest.xml or irseekerv2 (irseeker.Manifest).xml?
I've tryed to use the IR seeker on its own to reflect back output but still no results.
Please help.
Tank you,